They Can’t Complete You

I woke up with a mind to tell someone that the well you’re drawing from is going to dry up. When you attempt to sink roots in people instead of in Yahshua, you destroy them and yourself. He loves you so much that He gave His life for a shot at relationship with you. You can lean into that kind of love, you can depend on that kind of love, you can fully embrace and build your life on that kind of love. He’s a firm foundation. 

I know what it’s like to want to be seen.

I know what it’s like to silently beg for someone to take notice, to say I’m enough, to desperately wait for someone to water the dry and barren landscape of my self-esteem with their words of affirmation.

I know what it’s like to need to be known, to place my value in the hands of another human being, to ride compliments like waves and gain my strength from adoration. It’s like a drug, a heady feeling that seems to push you a little closer to confidence. It feels good to be wanted, to be needed, and to have someone else express that need. It feels good to be desired, to be admired, to be envied. It’s a very carnal sensation, a satisfaction that completely glorifies the flesh, but afterwards leaves you feeling shameful, listless, and emptier than before.

When we give people the power to affect our sense of self with their words, we unwittingly give them the power to tell us who we are. When we lean too heavily on the opinions of the people around us, we enslave ourselves to them, we become willing hostages of their opinions of us, and the danger is if that opinion changes, we might change to further please them.

We were not meant to be completed by people. Opinions were never meant to be the building block of our identity.

We were not meant to live and die by the words of mere man, we were created to continuously live and abide in the words an All-Powerful Savior spoke over us before the foundation of the world.

Their words cannot save you. Their love will not keep you. Their screams and shouts do not mean they won’t ever fail you. Their adoration and worship will not set you free from mental slavery. Their open arms will not heal your broken heart. We can love people, but we must love them with the understanding that they are not our saviors. Only Yahshua can save a human life. Only Yahshua can stand in the midst of your darkest night and lead you through. Only Yahshua can know the depth of your depravity, the height of your potential, and still love you right where you are.

His love changes you, it heals you, it completes you. You can’t find that kind of wholeness in the arms of another person, no matter how much love exists there.

You’ve already tried everything else, why not try Him?



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