3 // LIVING Single & Processing Loneliness

Minister Bestie a.k.a. Katherine Rolle is chiming in about LIVING Single & Processing Loneliness. I’ve written an entire blog post on loneliness, and to be honest with you, posting it was hard. I was incredibly uncomfortable. In fact, I vividly remember hitting ‘publish’ and shutting my computer down because I couldn’t face the fact that I’d been that open about something as personal as loneliness.

But is it really that personal? It’s something we all experience, and a feeling that most of us choose to manage either in a healthy way, or an unhealthy way.

I trust Katherine with this topic because, above all, she knows Yahweh. She doesn’t just know of Him – she is in close, abiding relationship with Him. He is her filter, her reasoning, her guiding light, and her source of wisdom and knowledge. He is walking with her through her singleness, and I love getting to view Yahshua through her eyes. This woman is a treat and a trip.

The information she shares in this video is sound, practical, and incredibly useful. Don’t miss out, and don’t be afraid to leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Katherine is a people person by nature, and a purpose agent by calling. Her transition to the fateful yet unpredictable path of ministry birthed ‘Purpose Made Me Do It’, a (unregistered) faith-based, non-profit organization geared mostly toward girls and women, that seeks to promote the reality of purpose to everyday women in all walks of life. Katherine is a diverse communicator, an engaging and accomplished event host, panelist, moderator and preacher.  Away from the pulpit, she is incredibly devoted to healthy, whole families, and is passionate about sincere friendships, the advancement of perspective through travel, and one of the most delightful aspects of the human experience: food.. Follow her on Instagram @katherine_coakley.


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