4 // LIVING Single & Self – Aware

Continuing on with the LIVING Single series, I switched it up and did a little Facebook live talking about self-awareness.

I’m trying to stretch myself more to communicate differently, and while I am a writer, I believe that some things need to be spoken out loud.

Self-awareness is a tool that every human being, single or not, needs to learn how to use. In this video, I share a few key tips in becoming more self-aware, the goals of self-awareness, and the relationship between knowing who Yahweh is, knowing who we are, and discovering our purpose here on earth.

I hope you’re enjoying the series so far! Be sure to stay tuned – I have a few more fabulous collabs coming up. And as always, be sure to drop a comment or send me an e-mail if you have questions or comments about the series.


Photo 4Daniah is a 25 year old word enthusiast who is learning to love change. She’s a faith writer living and blogging in Nassau, Bahamas. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering, but is passionate about helping people improve their written communication skills in professional and personal spheres. She has dedicated her creative writing to helping others traverse the vast terrain of emotions and pain through honest conversations with themselves and Yahweh, and often chronicles lessons learned and discovered truths through writing. She is an admin assistant by day, and a college writing tutor and freelance creative writer by night. Follow her on Instagram @daniahmiller, and subscribe to her blog, www.daniahwrites.com.

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