7 // LIVING Single & Passionately

The #LIVINGSingle series is taking on a Boss Business Babe Twist and I’m excited about it. This week I got the opportunity to get my Baby Oprah on and interview the stunning and wise Randia Coakley.

Randia is a Business Owner and Marketing Professional. She’s passionate about helping businesses, both small and large, communicate the heart behind their ventures as accurately and passionately as possible through branding and marketing strategies.

I wanted to get her perspective on living passionately while single. She has made some real power moves in her life that some people would call bold – especially for an unmarried young woman living in the Bahamas. I think many of us have grown up under the misconception that passion is birthed in the belly of a romantic relationship, and then spills over into other areas of our lives. As if we live in Black & White and the presence of a significant other suddenly infuses color and vibrancy into our human experience. We wait to experience things like travel and significant financial investment, self development and personal growth because we think that experiencing it alone makes it less meaningful.

But what if you were content and whole enough in your single state to pursue the absolute best version of yourself, whether you were single or not?

While I do believe that experiences with loves ones can be incredible, I also believe that we shouldn’t put our lives on pause waiting for a spouse to find and fuel our passion. We need to cultivate our own desires and learn what sets us ablaze so that if a spouse is in our future, they will meet us burning – full of life, feeding our souls, happy and whole, loving the lives we’re living. It is our responsibility to discover the areas of purposeful passion that Yahweh strategically placed inside of us when He created us.

Randia and I had a great discussion, and I must admit that I had soooo much fun doing this interview. We had some technical difficulties (namely patchy internet connection), so there are three videos and the feed is a bit scattered sometimes. But they’re still well worth the watch!

Drop a comment and let’s get a discussion going. What are your thoughts on living a passionate life while single?

RandiaRandia Coakley has made a career in The Bahamas, building brands Bahamians buy and love through powerful marketing & web development experiences. The owner of Marketing Bahamas and Azulify, Randia works with Bahamian brands to reach customers both at home, and in larger markets overseas.

Randia received a dual BA in Marketing and International Hospitality & Tourism Management from Saint Leo University. In 2014, she launched Azulify. Starting with just one client, Azulify quickly filled its roster with multimillion dollar Bahamian and international brands. Clients like The Bahamas Red Cross Society, IL Cares Foundation, NUA Insurance, A Cecile Watson, Scotiabank and Mr Ship It. In 2017 Randia was named a Top 40 under 40 winner for The Bahamas. In 2015, she was recognized by the government of the Bahamas as the country’s 2015 Entrepreneur of the Year. She’s also had the opportunity to be the Keynote Speaker at the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce (BCCEC) Branding Seminar.

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